How I built a massive passive real estate portfolio with limited money and a dream.

For the last year, I've debated sharing all this info. I realized it does me no good to hold this information and that it may be able to help many people.

So let's start from the beginning! I was always looking for my passion as a young teen. My old man had worked hard in construction and made pretty good money. At 14 with no workplace experience, my Dad told me to get a job. I didn’t even know where to start. I got a job making pizza at the local pizza shop in my hometown.

I decided early on that I would give theatre a try and enrolled into college in NYC. After just 1 semester the need to make money and support myself had taken priority over my dreams. I found myself tending a bar at what was ultimately a dead-end job. I knew there was more. For some reason, I felt that if I could sell drinks…well... I could sell houses! I studied for my real estate exam and fell in love with it.
Fast forward 22 years later and I've turned my passion into a lifestyle.

I educate investors from across the country on how to build a massive passive real estate portfolio. This hasn’t come without my share of tremendous adversity. I've been through bankruptcy, foreclosure, and a tax audit! Thankfully not at the same time 😊. It was through this bumpy road that I knew I had to educate myself on HOW money and real estate actually works in this country. That’s when everything changed. I had educated myself on real estate so much, that not only was I utilizing the best acquisition strategy (seller finance), but I was coupling it with the right corporate structure, tax strategies, and leverage!

But there was more! There were 4 specific things I needed from my investments that I had no idea I needed!

Cash Flow


Tax advantages



So, what's the secret?


#1: I failed. I failed and I kept moving forward.

#2: I hired the right people. I've been there! I’ve paid for some rooms that I thought were going to help me scale but often left disappointed.

#4: I took MASSIVE ACTION towards my goal!






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